The Best Instagram Hashtag Generator App in 2023

June 12, 2023
Hashtag Expert

Instagram hashtags are powerful tools. They have numerous uses, the most common of which is to position content in the feed – but using the wrong hashtag can have serious consequences and leave you with limited or no visibility. How can you make sure you're using the right hashtags?

The simplest solution is to use a good Instagram hashtag generator tool. There are many, however, and that makes it confusing to find the best one for you. So in case you're wishing there was a guide that could help you find the best hashtag generator for Instagram, you're reading it right now. So please keep reading!

In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about finding the best Instagram hashtag generator for your business. Along with that, we'll cover Instagram hashtag basics for beginners. So let's get started!

What Are Hashtags?

Basically, a hashtag is a word or phrase that is used to represent a particular topic. It can be about hobbies, business, brands, mood, days, or a cause.

Technically speaking, a hashtag is a metadata tag that is preceded by the pound sign, or as it is commonly known, the hash symbol (#). In creating a hashtag, you're turning it into a clickable link. That’s right! You can click hashtags to go to their respective pages.

Where to Use Hashtags on Instagram?

Apart from regular captions or posts  and Stories, you can hashtag on Instagram Reels. But keep in mind there are limits on how many hashtags you can use in each type of content. We've discussed this topic in great detail in another blog you might find interesting - How Many Hashtags Should You Use on Social Media.

Example of hashtags in captions:

Let’s look at this post from our own Instagram page @hashtagexpert. Our regular style is adding hashtags after the main content.

You can feel free to add hashtags within the main content, especially if you are running campaigns or promoting a brand hashtag. But see that your hashtags aren't closely placed as it might make it difficult to read.

Hashtag Expert mother's day post on Instagram

How to Create Hashtags

You can take any word and add the # symbol before it to create a hashtag. But remember, hashtags cannot contain spaces, punctuation marks, or special characters like %, $, &, *, and —, as well as others. You can, however, add numbers along with letters.

To better illustrate this hashtag rule, let’s look at some examples:






Notice that none of these hashtags contain spaces or punctuation, including those with multiple words (like best hashtags or just do it).

Another concept, the branded hashtag, is a hashtag that's unique to your company and is used to promote your brand, a cause, a slogan, and/or events. A perfect example of a branded hashtag is Nike’s #justdoit.

Nike's Instagram post featuring rafael nadal and their branded hashtag #JustDoIt

Yet branded hashtags are not just for big corporations. Small enterprises and influencers can create their own hashtags and promote them on Instagram. Take cues from That Little Puff, a unique business that's clearly nailing it on Instagram with its branded hashtag, #thatlittlepuff.

That Little Puff and their branded hashtag on Instagram

Where Can You Find Instagram Hashtags?

You can find suggestions for hashtags on Instagram – but be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time and effort. To see what we mean, go to Instagram and enter the main hashtag or a keyword in the search bar. You'll see all the relevant suggestions like those you see here:

Hashtag search on Instagram

Repeat the process with different hashtags for more suggestions.

Competitor hashtag research can also be helpful by giving you a fair idea of which hashtags are relevant for your industry. Now run each hashtag through a search and create a list of hashtags you want in your posts.

As you'll see, doing an Instagram tag search can be time-consuming and exhausting. BUT ... if you follow our suggestion and use a hashtag search tool, you will never again have to do a manual Instagram tag search.

With hashtag generator tools like Hashtag Expert, searching for top and trending hashtags is easy.

The Best Tool for Instagram Hashtag Search

Hashtag generator tools help Instagram marketers search and generate hashtags based on some basic inputs. Some of these tools use artificial intelligence (AI) for precision targeting.

#1 Instagram Hashtag Generator - Hashtag Expert

Hashtag expert tag Generator app, website homepage

Hashtag Expert is by far the best hashtag search and tracking app for Instagram. But don't take our word for it; listen to what our app community says about us:

Best hashtag app for marketing and growth.
I’ve been using this app for at least 3 years now and it has definitely helped me reach more people in my area for my business services. I’ve recently started using it on my personal account and I’ve gotten a few local followers as well.
Hashtag Expert app user feedback

Once you've installed Hashtag Expert, you can use the app to:

  • Search best Instagram hashtags and hashtag groups using AI
  • Check popular and trending hashtags
  • Save and edit hashtags
  • Organize hashtags as Collections
  • Set additional parameters and algorithms
  • Track performance ratings

The Hashtag Expert app is free to download. You can sign up for the Hashtag Expert free trial on the web, or download the app from the App Store.

Once you have downloaded the Hashtag Expert app, complete the initial setup and customization.

We also recommend adding your creator or business account(s) with the app. This will ensure your hashtags are more personalized and targeted based on your profile and followers. You can do this on the 'Performance' page.

connect Instagram or Facebook Business or Creator account for personalized hashtag suggestions

Now go to the Generate tab, enter the base hashtag in the search bar next to the yellow configuration button, and tap Generate Hashtags.

Hashtag Expert generate tab

The Hashtag Expert tool will scour its built-in library and get you the most relevant suggestions that will actually give results. Now, just copy the hashtags, open the Instagram app, and paste.

And that's not all! Hashtag Expert also comes with an analytics tool so you can see popularity, reach, and average likes for unique posts. You can also add filters, check hashtag performance, and do a lot more.

Hashtag Expert gives you the opportunity to create hashtags groups personalized to your Instagram/Facebook Creator or Business account so you can get more likes and views on Instagram.

In addition to Instagram, Hashtag Expert works with Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and even YouTube.

If you don’t have Hashtag Expert, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial and see for yourself. Or you can read our Hashtag Expert comprehensive guide to learn more about the features.

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