How to Configure and Customize Hashtag Expert App

May 24, 2021

Hashtag Expert offers a bunch of controls for fine-tuning how your hashtags are generated. Explore the complete guide to Hashtag Expert customization here.

1. Add Your Facebook Account

We have something special for you!

We're enabling linking of your Facebook business account with Hashtag Expert.

What does this mean for you? If you have app version 5.4.0 or later, you can you can add your creator or business accounts with Hahstag Expert. By doing this, you'll get more personalized hashtag suggestions. Using those hashtags, you can connect your target audience faster and get more impressions.

There is no maximum number of accounts you can add. Meaning, you can add as many  accounts as you want.

To try this feature, you need to be a creator on Instagram or have a business account with Facebook.

2. Open the App Configuration

The configuration button is toward the right of the search bar. It's yellow and has three horizontal bars; easy to spot. You'll it find it on the 'Trending' tab too.

The purpose is to let you customize the hashtag generator.

Now tap the yellow button and we'll explain what you can configure.

Social Network

Hashtag Expert works on multiple social networking sites, including Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn among many others.

So when you're searching hashtags on the app, first set the social media. Tap on any of the social media icons and tap save.

Hashtag Per Group

How many hashtags do you want to generate? 2, 11, or 30? You can set it here. Drag the slider to choose the number of hashtags per group. The maximum number of hashtags you can generate is 30.


Next is the language. Tap the arrow to browse from the list and to set your preferred language.

Post Count Filter

This one's a bit interesting. With this functionality, you can generate hashtags based on post counts; enter the minimum, maximum, or both. Hashtag Expert will collect data and generate results based on your filters.

Tap the arrow next to Post Count Filter, and on the next that looks like this, drag the slider button to the right to activate. Now enter the post count.

Default Hashtags

Social media marketers love this feature. Default hashtags are a way to add your custom hashtags. Those can be campaign hashtags or brand hashtags, or anything else you want to promote on social media maybe to join a hashtag challenge.

Add your custom or default hashtags here and every hashtag group you generate will have those.

So for example, say you always wanted to include a brand-related hashtag like #zachrealestatenyc in every hashtag group that’s generated. Simply go to ‘Default Hashtags’, tap ‘Add New Hashtag…’, and write it. Then, go back and tap ‘Save’. From now on, every hashtag group you generate will contain this hashtag!

Blocked Hashtags

If you want to exclude specific hashtags from hashtag groups, add them here. That way, none of the hashtags you generate will contain this hashtag.

Copying Format

Preset the content copying format and forget all about it. Our app will follow your instructions and give you the hashtags in a ready-to-paste format. You can add emojis, dots, spaces, and anything you want all your posts to contain.

Copying Style

How would you like to arrange the hashtags? We provide several choices and styles like all uppercase, cliff, or mountain. So tap to select your style and save. We’ll remember your selection and generate hashtags in that format.


Spacers are formatting patterns that can be signs or special characters like dots (.), hashtags (#), star (⭐), or heart (❤️). The spacers are added between two hashtags.

Include Base Hashtags

If you want our hashtag suggestions to have the base tags, swipe the button to the right.


Attribution lets you tag us on your posts. Swipe to the right to activate and add “via @hashtagexpert” at the end of copied hashtags.

We give all the power to you so you can completely take control of the app, choose how it works, and play around with with configuration. We'll take care of the rest. If you're a beginner, complete the basic setup and leave it on auto-pilot. When you are comfortable running more tests, configuration should come in handy.

Keep learning with us! Explore app tutorials and guides.

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