Trending Hashtags

April 18, 2021

The Trending tab of the app shows trending hashtag groups across different categories/niches (like Animals, Cars, Sports, etc.) and also across different social networks like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Let’s back up. Every time a group of hashtags is generated in the app, that group of hashtags will be public. This means, other users can find it, search for it, copy it, and even favorite it.

We analyze these metrics to build the trending charts. The main metric we look at to build these charts are ‘Copies’—a copy means someone tapped that group of hashtags and copied it once. So if you see 67 copies, that means 67 people copied that group of hashtags.

Towards the top, you’ll see four different segments - ‘Trending’, ‘Top’, ‘New’, and ‘Recent’. These are different ways of ranking the hashtag groups that consider various factors. Here’s what they each mean:

‘Trending’ - hashtags from the past week that have been copied the most

‘Top’ - hashtags from all time that have been copied the most

‘New’ - the newest hashtags that have been created in the app by other users

‘Recent’ - the most recently copied groups of hashtags in the app

Tap the yellow button with three horizontal bars to the right side of the search box. This is meant for configuration. Next, apply one or all of the filters and search trending hashtags by:

1. Social Network - in the bottom right, you’ll see a purple highlighted social network logo. You can tap this and view Trending hashtag groups for different social networks.

You can also mix and match these three ways of viewing hashtags. For example, you can find the ‘Top’ hashtags for ‘LinkedIn’ or the ‘Newest’ hashtags for the ‘Wedding’ category on ‘Facebook’.

2. Category - you can tap the ‘All Categories’ button at the top and see Trending hashtag groups for different categories. There are dozens of categories to go through including Wedding, Theater, Style, Science, and many more.

Trending is a useful way to explore more hashtag ideas. Lots of times, other people have already created similar groups of hashtags. Looking through trending is one way to find powerful groups of hashtags that other users have created. That, plus this can save you time and is sometimes the best way to find groups of hashtags.

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