Handpicking Hashtags

April 12, 2021

Handpicking hashtags is like using a smart hashtag creator. Think of it like writing a group of hashtags in the Notes app, but as you write them, we suggest related ones, and you can ‘handpick’ what you like the most.

  1. Go to the Generate tab and enter a search phrase.
  2. Tap ‘Handpick Hashtags’
  3. Search a hashtag for related ones to come up
  4. From the results, tap the ones you like
  5. You can search new hashtags and keep selecting more
  6. When you’ve selected the hashtags, tap ‘Add x Hashtags’ at the bottom

That’s it! Here are some more tips:

  • to keep adding more, tap the plus button in the top right.
  • you can select a few hashtags, and then tap ‘Delete x Hashtags’ at the bottom

Why is this feature useful you might ask? Imagine you want to build a group of hashtags where 20 of them are related to #youtube, 5 are related to #entrepreneur, 2 are related to #nyc, and 3 are related to #videoediting. This would be really hard to do via the hashtag generator. Using handpick, you could easily build a group of hashtags like this.

You can always edit the handpicked hashtags, or if not satisfied, check the popular hashtags for more suggestions.

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