How to Edit a Group of Hashtags on Hashtag Expert App

May 11, 2021

Editing is a super powerful tool you can use to perfect your hashtag groups. The way editing works is simple—take any group of hashtags on the app and click Edit. 

You’ll find the Edit button across the app and below each hashtag group. Scroll down for examples with images.

The purpose of editing is to ensure you have the maximum control. Through this, you will be able to add or delete hashtags from a particular group.

But do so with caution. That’s because Hashtag Expert already generates those groups based on advanced-level algorithms powered by artificial intelligence and therefore, what you see is a mix of closely related terms. 

Think of it like keyword research in search engine optimization. You add keywords that not only contain the main phrase but also add those that are closely related to it.

So we recommend that you should edit hashtag groups when you want to:

  • Add or remove hashtags of your choice
  • Run experiments with hashtag groups
  • Add branded hashtags
  • Add campaign hashtags
  • Delete irrelevant hashtags

Now let’s explore more about tabs where you can see the Edit options to edit hashtags

Let’s generate a group of hashtags for #coffeeshop.

  1. Go to the ‘Generate’ tab (middle one).
  2. Enter #coffeeshop in the search bar, then tap 'done' on your keyboard.
  3. Tap ‘Generate Hashtags’.

You should see something that looks like this:

Now, let’s edit the top group of hashtags. Tap the ‘Edit’ button as you see in the images.

Let’s say we want to remove #fashion, #sky, and #food from the list.

With Editing, you can tap on those hashtags and delete them.

The delete button appears at the bottom of the screen.

So we’ve deleted a few hashtags and now we can copy the remaining hashtags and paste. 

Hashtag Expert generates up to 30 hashtags in a group. That’s the maximum number of hashtags you can post on Instagram. We encourage you to learn more about customizing the Hashtag Expert app.

So when we deleted 3 hashtags from the group, we were left with 27. We could just leave it at that or add 3 more to make the total hashtag count to 30.

Now let’s assume, you want to fill the gap with 3 new hashtags.

Tap the Plus sign (+) at the top right corner, next to the bookmark icon.

Next, a screen like this will appear where you can enter the base hashtag of your choice and search.

Tap to select a few hashtags that you find relevant to your post and tap ‘Add x Hashtags’ at the bottom. 

Now your hashtag group will have 30 hashtags and it will be just a touch better than it was before, because we removed the irrelevant hashtags and replaced them with related hashtags.

Anytime you see an Edit button on a group of hashtags, that means, you can edit that group. This is possible in the Trending, Search, Generate, and Profile tabs too.

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