5 Things You Can Do to Make Social Media Content More Effective

July 29, 2021

Social media platforms give businesses the opportunity to get closer to their target audience and interact with them – something traditional marketing often fails to do.

Social media marketing has become mandatory for businesses of all sizes. Branding and awareness, customer acquisition and support, and even retention – you can do it all on social media. It's no wonder that an estimated 92 percent of US businesses are expected to use social media marketing by the end of 2021.

There's no doubt that social media is on fire right now ... and along with its soaring growth have come challenges. The market is nearing saturation, competition is fierce, and it's getting harder and harder to grab – and hold onto – customers’ attention. At this point, only a dynamic approach and a strong social media content strategy can enable you to meet your goals.

In this article, we'll talk about five things that should be part of your social media content strategy to make your content more effective.

1. Create Authentic Content

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." —Oscar Wilde.

Social media is a vast sea of information. Each day, 8. 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram alone. Breaking news notifications, posts and updates from family and friends, daily content digests from various platforms ... the stream of information and content is endless.

People have more choices than ever on social media. That's yet another reason why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build an engaged community.

Authenticity is the only weapon you can use to attract your target audience and hold onto them.

How to Develop a Unique Brand Voice

Consumers are more aware and curious about matters they care about. They are constantly searching for innovative, insightful, and helpful guidance to make their lives and businesses better.

  • Find out what your audience wants to hear about and tell the story through your experience and in your words.
  • Personalize your tone.
  • Be consistent in your messaging voice and tone, and make sure it reflects your overall brand voice.

2. Use Trends

Trending topics are those that go viral on social media. You can create content around topics that are trending and also relevant for your brand.

For best results, do the following:

  • Monitor social media, and stay up to date with news and events.
  • Use tools like BuzzFeed, Google Trends, and BuzzSumo for finding hot topics and most frequently shared content across social media.
  • Keep an eye on trending content around celebration and season; for example, Christmas, Christmas vibes, Halloween, and so forth.
  • Pair your trending content with trending hashtags. Hashtags are a proven way to increase the organic reach of social media posts. Trending hashtags will give your post a better chance to get new likes and views on popular social media platforms like Instagram.

Whether you are using Hashtag Expert on Android, iPhone, or web browser, go to the Trending tab and browse through the list of Trending, Top, New, and Recent hashtags.

You can further configure the app and filter hashtags by social media, categories, or date.

3. Avoid Too Many Promotional Posts

Promotion on social media is a great marketing concept, but over-promotion can hurt your brand.

Yes, we get that you're on social media for lead generation and sales – but too many sales posts will drive your audience away.

Sometimes businesses assume more promotional content will bring them more sales, but it doesn’t work that way. It will bore your audience, which will cause them to stop engaging with your posts – or even stop following your page.

The extraordinarily wise Mark Twain knew what he was talking about when he said, "Too much of anything is bad."

You can occasionally post about your product, of course, but don't make all your posts promotional in nature. Instead, mix in your fun side and post content your followers will love to engage with.

Go to our Instagram page @hashtagexpert to see how we’re doing it.

4. Post Regularly and Maintain a Schedule

Depending on your bandwidth you can publish daily, but remember, consistency is the key. If you’re new and have limited resources, maybe you could start by posting three times a week and gradually increase the number – and that’s absolutely fine.

No matter what you choose, be consistent and maintain a schedule.

It’s best if you plan ahead and keep your content ready to post, preferably one month in advance. This will allow you more time to work on the graphics and creative side of things.

5. Post Valuable Content

If you want retweets, re-shares, comments, likes, and hearts on social media, you need to share content that your audience cares about and considers valuable. If they find your content valuable and worth reading, they will engage with it and share it with their network.

Create infographics, mini-blogs, videos, and Reels to educate your followers. Or, you can share tips and tricks about topics your audience wants to explore.

There is no magic wand that can make your business successful on social media. There is no shortcut to gain immediate success with it, no secret formula. More than an effective strategy, you need to be patient and remain consistent in social media marketing efforts. Use proper tools that give you correct insights, have an analytical mind, and be determined to rock social media marketing.

What's your take on this?

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