5 Myths About Instagram Hashtags

August 6, 2021

Instagram users have learned over the years that some of their tactics on the platform do not lead to good results. Often, this is because they're following misleading hashtag practices – and not only are these practices ineffective, they actually hurt users' marketing efforts.

Don't let Instagram hashtag myths hold you back from success. In this blog post, we've debunked some common Instagram hashtag myths so you won't be misled by them.

Hashtag Myth #1: Hashtags with higher post counts work better for visibility.

The Truth: Hashtags with higher post counts are more competitive and harder to rank. If you have a lower follower count and are using hashtags with the maximum number of posts, your content is likely to get buried in Feeds.

That’s why it's wise to choose hashtags that have a moderate number of posts, and mix them with higher and lower post counts, which gives you balance.

Go through individual hashtags, measure post count, and create a list that works for you. Although it’s a good learning experience, searching for hashtags can feel like a monumental task.

So if you're stuck here, try Hashtag Expert – an app that is so powerful, so versatile, that merely saying it's an AI-powered social media hashtag generator is an understatement. With Hashtag Expert, you can check hashtag performance, post counts, and likes for both at an individual level and group level.

View new posts per hour, likes on Hashtag Expert app

Connect your creator or business account and we’ll tell you which hashtags will work for your page and profile. Then, just copy them to your captions or comments and watch the number of impressions and likes climb on Instagram.

Hashtag Myth #2: Using all 30 hashtags on Instagram can limit views.

The Truth: Using all 30 hashtags does not limit post reach. As long as your hashtags are relevant and valid, there is no harm if you use them all. Many users (including ourselves) add up to 30 hashtags in Instagram posts. You can make decisions about how many hashtags to use based on your niche, the content you're posting, and any other factors that set you apart from your competition.

We highly recommend double-checking hashtag suggestions on the Hashtag Expert app so you know which hashtags are most relevant for you.

Placement card tells you how likely it is for your post to get likes and engagement on Instagram

For every hashtag group we generate, we share Placement information, which tells you about the likelihood of achieving the desired post reach and engagement. We suggest that you explore how the Placement Card works and how we determine which hashtags are best for you.

Hashtag Myth #3: Repetition in hashtags will cause shadowban on Instagram.

The Truth: Using the same hashtags can definitely keep you from using other potential hashtags that might work better for you, but they don’t cause shadowban.

If you're aware how Instagram's algorithms work, we guess you've read Adam Mosseri's blog on the same topic.

According to Mosseri, posts that do not follow Instagram's Community Guidelines and Recommendations may be harder to find. And then we have this piece of info so you get more clarity on the matter:

Instagram's help article explains why certain hashtags don't appear in searches

In the future, we can expect more details about whether shadowbanning on Instagram is a thing. Right now, however, there is no evidence that hashtag repetition causes shadowban.

Hashtag Myth #4: Hashtags give equal benefits irrespective whether they're posted in captions or comments

Until recently, we knew hashtags in both captions and comments work, and there was no difference. In fact, this Instagram Help article on Hashtag Page also says the same thing- you can add hashtags in comments or captions.

But on August 25, 2021, Adam Mosseri  said in his new blog Breaking Down How Instagram Search Works, that for a post to be found in search, you should use keywords and hashtags in captions, not in comments.

This is in clear in contrast to what many marketers know and have been practicing.

But now we have more understanding and information about the best practices. So keep adding hashtags in captions to amp up post views.

Here's a snapshot of what he said:

We've covered this topic in great detail in another article. Read our blog to know more about where to add hashtags on Instagram.

Hashtag Myth #5: Hashtags in captions disrupt content flow and hinder readability.

The Truth: You can use hashtags in captions without hindering readability. Simply add the hashtags below captions and leave ample space between them. This will ensure that hashtags don’t appear alongside text and they’ll hide from the main fold. Only if someone clicks more, the hashtags will show up.

Learn from us:

When in Doubt, Verify

The last thing we want is for your campaigns to be unintentionally sabotaged by misleading facts. That's why we always recommend double-checking sources and claims ... and always know you can count on us to provide you with FACTS rather than myths.

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