4 Product-Based Instagram Marketing Tips

November 16, 2021

Instagram has 1.386 billion users, and 500 million of them are on the app every single day. That is one massive market. So how can you best utilize Instagram for marketing your business and selling products? We’ve got four effective tips for small business owners that can help you drive sales. Let’s dive in!

1. Set Up Instagram Shopping

Did you know you can create a virtual storefront on Instagram and sell directly on the platform? Instagram makes it easy for your followers to buy your products without ever having to leave your page.

Curious how this works? Let’s look at MOD Boutique (@themodboutique). It's a women’s clothing store that is utilizing Instagram Shopping, and all of its images are shoppable. This is what MOD Boutique's main feed looks like:

To shop MOD Boutique's products, all you need to do is click on one of its posts and it shows you all the shoppable items in the photo.

If viewers tap "View Products," they'll see a list of all products featured in the photo. From there they can directly purchase any of the items shown on the page.

Pretty cool, right? Follow these easy steps and begin using Instagram Shopping for your account!

How to Set Up Instagram Shopping

Step 1: Make sure you have an Instagram business account.

Go to your settings and verify that you are set up as an Instagram business page. This will allow you to access the Instagram Shopping feature. If you have any questions about the differences between a creator account and a business account, this article will answer your questions.

Step 2: Connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account.

Step 3: Upload your products.

Step 4: Turn on Shopping.

Step 5: Create content and tag products.

Still having trouble setting up Shopping?

You may not meet Instagram’s eligibility requirements, such as:

  • Your business is not in a supported market;
  • You don't have an eligible product;
  • You don't comply with the Merchant Agreement and Commerce Policies;
  • You don't own a domain from which you sell.

Fix these issues if you can, and reach out to the  Instagram Help Center if you need additional assistance.

2. Use Stories to Promote Your Products

Even if you're unable to set up Instagram Shopping, you can promote your products with Instagram Stories.

Story Stickers

Previously, you needed a verified account of more than 10,000 followers in order to access the “swipe up” feature. But as of October 27, 2021, everyone can post links on Stories. This is a game-changer for small businesses because it's the first time you're able to link directly to your website in your Stories.

Create interactive Stories by using Stickers. You can create polls, ask questions, and use your Story to interact directly with potential customers.

Bright Cellars (@brightcellars) did a great job of creating an interactive Story that encourages engagement, gains customer insight, and provides a natural segue to referring followers to the website.

By using a poll, Bright Cellars makes the Story fun and informative. It's also an opportunity to refer followers to the website where they can purchase Bright Cellars products.

3. Use Reels to Promote Your Products

Create Reels to show off your products to your followers. Reels are a great way to present your products in a fun and insightful way. It’s also a great way to get discovered in the Reels tab and reach a new audience.

If you’re new to Reels, be sure to read The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels.

4. Engage With Your community

It’s always important to engage with your followers on Instagram. This establishes a relationship between your followers and your brand, which is likely to convert to sales.

Make sure you are responding to DMs and comments, especially if followers are asking questions about the products you are selling. Never waste an opportunity to potentially make a sale or make a customer happy. Positive customer service experiences are important to consumers, and your Instagram account is another opportunity to provide it.

There are numerous ways you can use Instagram to market your products. Whether you’re selling directly from your account through Instagram Shopping, using links on your Stories to refer customers to your website, or posting Reels to boost brand awareness, be sure to take advantage of all that Instagram has to offer for marketing your products.

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