What’s Hot This Week: 5 TikTok Ideas and a Few Wholesome Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

May 7, 2024
Hashtag Expert

Grab your phone, round up your pet pal and a friend or two (bonus points if they're in bridesmaid dresses), and hurry up to jump on this week’s TikTok trends.

🎶 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – I've Been Waiting For You

Whether you’re a new parent or have been on this journey for a while, this is your chance to take a trip down memory lane and look back at some of the best moments from pregnancy and your kid’s first few years. This is probably our fave trend of the week—it gets us every time, and your followers will be sobbing, too! Perfect addition to your Mother’s Day content. 

How to use the sound. It’s easy to create using videos you already have, so no extra filming is needed. Just stitch together anything between 20 to 40 several-second long clips and make sure you’ve got plenty of tissues handy for those happy tears while you edit. You can also overlay it with the song lyrics.

⚡Pro Tip: Use hashtags #mumsoftiktok or #firsttimemum if they work for you. Download the Hashtag Expert app to discover more trending TikTok hashtags that’ll help your content get noticed.

🎶 original sound – noxz

What you need to set the perfect mood this week is this great mashup of two soulful R&B tracks: So Into You by Tamia and Rihanna’s Kiss It Better. It’s still pretty small with about 5K clips, but it’s picking up fast—a 27% growth rate in the past couple of days looks promising. And then it’s just a solid, versatile sound that works well with many different content ideas. Perfect when you’ve got the visuals down and need the right background music to complete the vibe.

How to use the sound. We think it pairs beautifully with POV-style videos to showcase your cozy home or share travel memories. Choose the clips for your video wisely, though. Go for the ones with a peaceful and serene atmosphere because, you know, there might be better soundtracks for those spring break party throwbacks. 

🎶 The Chicken in Black – Johnny Cash 

If last week’s “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?” trend left you eager for more ways to show off your furry friend, this one’s for you. And it only takes a few minutes to film and post! Transform your pet into a weapon firing shots of adorableness, set to Johnny Cash’s line, “Stick ’em up everybody, I’m robbin’ this place.” We’ve already seen chickens, mice, cows, a chameleon, a parrot, a rabbit, an opossum, and countless dogs and cats featured. So, no matter what your pet is, they deserve the spotlight! And we absolutely agree with this comment that no pet is too big to get their share of arm time.

How to use the sound. Simply hold your pet like a gun while lip-syncing to the song—that’s all it takes! There’s a certain movement pattern that many creators follow. Check out other videos if you want to copy it or do it in your own style. And if your pet happens to be a Great Pyrenees or someone that size, just scooping them up for a quick cuddle will totally do the trick.

⚡Pro Tip: Steer clear of words like gun or weapon in your video or caption. First off, it might get your content flagged. Plus, it’s not the kind of stuff you’d want to promote anyway. If you have a clever caption idea that needs to use one of those words, make sure to swap it out for something cute like pew pew to match the vibe of the trend.

🎶 Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me? – Taylor Swift

It’s Taylor again. Even if you weren’t a Swiftie before, a great trending sound from Taylor every single week might already have you converted, right? It’s the same song as last week, just a different line in the limelight: “So tell me everything is not about me. But what if it is?” This audio is popular for TikToks about crushes, and if you’re a bride this May, there’s a fun video idea in this for you too.

How to use the sound. For the first option, film a close-up of yourself lip-syncing the line and use overlay text to describe a moment when your crush does something random, and you take it as a sign they like you too. The quirkier the situation, the better: “When she’s in the hallway because I’m there (my room is next to hers).” This could really spark comments and likes. For brides, it’s a tad more work, at least, to get your bridesmaids all in one place and involved. Start with them lip-syncing the line, then quickly move aside to show you in the background. It’s a fun way to reveal your wedding gown.

🎶 Hide Away - Daya

We’re loving this fun, upbeat song with relatable lyrics: “Where do the good boys go to hide away, hide away?” Doesn’t it just resonate with your teenage self? It’s a new entry on the trending songs chart this week and has already shot up to the top 3, with interest continuing to grow. Hop on one of the trends it’s been used for, or let your creativity take the lead and come up with something original. Who knows, you might even start a new trend yourself.

How to use the sound. Grab a friend or your partner and use it to show how you two can’t stay mad at each other for long. Take turns goofing around and dancing solo while the other person freezes, and then dance together at the end. The overlay text would be something along these lines: 

“weren’t you just arguing?” 

us 5 minutes later:

⚡Pro Tip: Don’t have a camera-loving partner to film this with? Just clone yourself! This makes for a fun video idea if paired with a clever caption, for example, about different sides of your personality. For an easy way to pull this off without pro editing skills, check out this tutorial from the Inshot app

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