What’s Hot This Week: 5 Trends to Try for Businesses, Pet Parents, Country Music Fans & More

April 30, 2024
Hashtag Expert

A quick roundup of this week's TikTok songs to use, straight from us to you. Leverage these trends paired with the right hashtags to increase your chances of going viral.

🎶 Girl harmonizing with a fan

The name of the trend says it all: it’s a clip of songwriter Claire Boyer harmonizing with a fan while making dinner. The artist dropped the clip on April 19, and its simple, melancholic vibe caught on with TikTok creators. So far, it's inspired over 69 thousand videos. This is a great one to hop on if you want to share a powerful message with your followers.

How to use the sound. Start with a close-up selfie video of yourself and add a big block of text. Depending on how long your message is, position the text to the side, like in the example video, or put it front and center right over your clip. These messages usually touch on the theme of growing up, but you can take it and make it your own by sharing some other personal wisdom and experience. Check out another audio around the idea of maturity that might really catch on as a trend.

⚡Pro Tip: Never forget about the readability of your text, especially if it’s a key element of your post. If you’re overlaying text on a busy background, add a shadow or a solid outline to make it stand out and ensure it's easy to read.

🎶 Hell N Back (feat. Summer Walker) - Bakar

It’s time to spread the love and celebrate your significant other, your besties, your fur baby, your hobby, your spirituality—the list can go on and on. Creators are especially drawn to the line from the song “I was over love, thought I had enough, then I found you” because it perfectly introduces anything that fills you up emotionally and makes you feel happy. Hands down, a wholesome trend worth trying out.

How to use the sound. There are at least three ways to go about this. First, you can use a clip of yourself with the person or thing you want to spotlight and add a sweet little message or even just the song lyrics. Second, start with a clip of you lip-syncing the line, then switch to a shot revealing what or who you’ve found. Third, create a photo carousel: the first slide features a photo of you with the text "I was over love, thought I had enough..." and the second slide makes a revelation with the line "Then I found you."

🎶 A Bar Song (Tipsy) - BOOZEY

Who are our country music fans out there? You must use this great audio for your content ideas ASAP because it just screams summer! It’s currently at number four among the top trending songs in the past seven days, and its popularity is growing, especially in the USA and Canada.

How to use the sound. The versatility of this trending sound is amazing. Honestly, the only limit here is your imagination! But we especially love how well it pairs with all things summer, like festival moments, terrace hangouts, rural picnics, and campfire nights with friends. An excellent idea for the message would be manifesting your ideal summer.

🎶 Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me? - Taylor Swift

Remember how Taylor Swift’s new album was all over TikTok last week? Well, it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon. This time, the line "Who's afraid of little old me? You should be" is catching everyone’s attention. It’s the perfect trend for pet parents to show off their adorable fur babies—because, you know, the world has not seen enough of those cuties yet! 

How to use the sound. Start with a clip of your pet at their cutest. Think little puppies or kittens, when cuddling or goofing around. For the second clip, go for a video that shows their mischievous side—for example, all those hilarious *evil* faces you've caught on camera. This audio would also be perfect for Halloween costume reveal videos. Certainly, it won’t be trending through the end of October, but when it’s a match made in heaven, who really cares? 

🎶 Tengo Un Plan - Key-Key

It's not every day that a song with lyrics, rather than instrumental music, makes it into the top 10 trending audios of the week AND gets cleared for business accounts. So when you see one, you've got to jump on it right away! Spanish-speaking creators and brands are in luck with this catchy, feel-good tune. It's perfect for travel content but put a little thought into it, and you can make it work for your business, too.

How to use the sound. Start off with a selfie video or carousel picture and the text "Tengo un plan" (I have a plan) overlaid. For the second shot, put together a four-pic collage showing off a cool travel destination or fun activity, with the lyrics "Dime tú si nos vamos" (Tell me if we're going). Alternatively, stitch together your top trip moments into a quick video and overlay it with song lyrics.

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