How to Improve Your B2B Marketing with Hashtags

October 1, 2020

Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. Instagram.

— Hashtags are everywhere.

When used effectively, hashtags can boost your overall B2B social media efforts. Hashtags on social media make your content discoverable to your audience and help amplify user engagement.

If you're a small business owner struggling with user engagement and generating leads on social media, and want to know how you can increase the marketing ROI, try these tactics:

1. Build a List of Hashtags

To remain consistent in your B2B social media marketing, you need to create a list of existing and new hashtags. The list will come handy when you cherry-pick hashtags for your social media content.

Smart marketers brainstorm hashtag ideas based on social campaigns and keep them relevant for the best outcome.

If you don’t have enough time to manually create a list of business hashtag ideas, use Hashtag Expert.

Hashtag Expert generates hashtags algorithmically and personalized to your profile. Use this tool for hashtagging on popular social platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

You can create hashtag groups that are relevant to your industry by selecting the category and save them to 'Collections'. If you're getting start, we highly recommend exploring the tutorials and app guide.

2. Group Your Hashtags

The secret to choosing the right hashtags for your content is to group them. By grouping hashtags, you can easily mix and match the relevant hashtags based on the type of campaign you’re running. This way, you can also save your time without having to search and select hashtags from the scratch.

Here’s how you can do it:

Go back to your original list of hashtags. Based on relevancy, segregate them and tag them. Here we have discussed some ideas to help you tag and group hashtags:

i. Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags can instantly boost content visibility and generate views. Keep an eye on trending hashtags either by manually or using the Hashtag Expert tool, and update this group frequently as you find new hashtags that are currently popular.

ii. Evergreen Hashtags

Evergreen hashtags are those that are re-shareable, repeatable, and can be used in most of your content. These can be related to the topics you discuss or to promote brand value.

iii. Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags, as the name suggests, are those that are specific and unique to your brand, products, and services. You can use branded hashtags in combination with popular hashtags and create brand awareness.

iv. Campaign-Specific Hashtags

If you’re a social media marketer, you already know about social campaigns and their importance. To make your campaigns more effective, start adding campaign-specific hashtags. Create and group hashtags that are relevant to social campaigns you run and use them judiciously.

3. Evaluate Your B2B Hashtags

To make your B2B social campaigns more effective, using hashtags is not enough. You need to monitor and evaluate the performance of the hashtags you use. Collect sufficient data for a given period and measure which ones were the most effective. Once you have the information, you can extract your winning hashtags and use them to drive more traffic to your content.

As social media is ever-evolving, your B2B hashtag strategy also needs to adapt to the change and stay current. Apply these strategies and achieve your B2B marketing goals, and monitor your performance so that you can make a data-driven decision.

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