3 Things You're Doing WRONG With Your Instagram Page

January 7, 2021

While Instagram sounds simple to take care of, it’s not the easiest. It requires consistent effort and brainstorming, but if you push hard, know what you’re doing, and strategically post, soon enough, you’ll be on top.

However, if you’re still stuck at a less-than-ideal Instagram follower count, chances are there are a couple of things you’re doing wrong.

Here are three common mistakes on Instagram and what to do about them:

1. Not Optimizing Instagram Profile

Not updating your Instagram profile and bio is a grave mistake. Instagram bio is a great place to convey the right message to your target audience.

If you’re a business, don’t forget to select the right profile category.

When it comes to writing a bio, do a bit of research to get ideas and experiment with various styles to know what’s working best for you. Make the best use of 150 characters and select the best words that explain who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

Remember to add a few keywords that go with your profile. You can use emojis in bio and add your phone number, address, website, or store link to your profile.

Here’s an example from Budapest Bakeshop. Their Instagram page talks about what they do and offers, clearly mentions the address, links to their website, and uses their branded hashtag #budapestbakeshop

2. Not Engaging Enough with Your Followers

Not engaging with your followers is a big mistake.

When people are taking the time to engage with your page – i.e., like your posts, commenting, and sharing, use this opportunity to build relationships with them so that they continue to engage.

Lush is a popular cosmetics retailer (@lushcosmetics on Instagram) that not only publishes great content but never fails to engage with their fans and followers.

By engaging with your fans and followers, you essentially make them feel they’re important to you – because the truth is that they should be! After all, without a passionate and engaged community, no brand can survive, especially on Instagram.

3. Using the Wrong Instagram Hashtags

For your target audience to follow your page, they need to find you. And this is done by using hashtags. If you aren’t aware of how your target audience is searching for what you offer, you’re wasting your resources on Instagram marketing.

Think of all possible terms, keywords that describe what you sell or do, and want to be known for. Now list them down and search each of them on the search bar using the hashtag (#) sign.

As you enter a hashtag, you’ll see a list of recommended hashtags by Instagram that match your keyword’s first few letters.

If you click a hashtag, it will take you to that page.

Remember, more posts around a particular hashtag also mean more competition. So while you want to be using the most popular Instagram hashtags, also check other less-competitive, niche hashtags that can put your page in front of a more targeted audience. 

Now repeat this process until you have gathered sufficient data for creating an Instagram hashtag strategy.

If you're thinking of it as too much work, use Instagram hashtag generator app, Hashtag Expert. Search our database with millions of hashtags to find the most popular ones in your niche.

Hashtag Expert also gives an overview of performance, ratings, and hashtag analytics. To know more about using Hashtag Expert, read this guide.

Once you know which hashtags you want to use, create an Instagram hashtag strategy, and start publishing content.

Now that you know about the three mistakes on Instagram, audit your page to find out what you could be doing wrong, that’s keeping you from success. Then, apply a strategy that helps you achieve social media marketing goals.

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