How to Save Hashtag Groups and Create Collections

April 20, 2021

Collections are a way to save and organize your favorite hashtags. Think of it like a folder.

You'll notice a yellow bookmark ribbon throughout the app. Tap that anytime you want to save/favorite a hashtag group.

Next, tap '+' to create a new collection or choose from any of the existing collections.

Next, type a name for your collection and tap 'Create Collection'.

Once you've done that, a separate button with that name will appear at the bottom panel. Now tap on that again.

Another way to create collections is when you're copying hashtags. Tap '+' or select from the existing collections, and follow the same steps mentioned above.

Where to Find the Saved Hashtag Groups and Collections

You’ll find all the saved hashtag groups and collections in the 'Collections' tab under the'Profile' section.

Tap any of the collections to view saved hashtags.

How to Edit Collections

Go to the 'Profile' tab and tap to select a collection and follow these steps:

  • To Remove or Rename a Group of Hashtags: Inside a collection folder, you'll see all those hashtag groups you saved under that collection. Tap the yellow bookmark icon.

From there, either tap 'Remove' or assign to another category, as shown below:

  • To edit hashtags, tap 'Edit'.

  • To delete or rename an entire collection, tap the pencil icon at the top right corner of the page and choose the right option.

NEW feature added in app version 5.7.10!

Now you can view all hashtags from individual groups saved under the same collection in one central place. Use this time-saving feature to select hashtags from any group under a Collection and create a list which you can then copy to post or create a new collection.

Go to Profile, now tap to select any collection. Next, tap View All Hashtags.

Now you can tap to select hashtags and then copy.

Let's do a quick recap:

Why Use Collections?

The short answer is: Because it will save you time.
Collections helps you categorize hashtags by topics, interests, brands, or names. You’ll be able to quickly navigate and find those saved hashtags.
We’re convinced that Collections is going to make your work easier and save you valuable time. We think you’ll love it.
At Hashtag Expert, we’re constantly working to improve our app so it’s even more valuable to you than it is today. After you try it out, let us know what you think. Either leave us a review or send a note to our team at We love hearing from you!

Have you found a cool hashtag group you really like? Save them to collections!

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