What are Branded Hashtags and How to Use Them

October 25, 2020

#cocacola, #nike, #nikeshoes, #WhatsYourName, and #WellTravelled.

If we ask you to assign a collective name for these hashtags, what would you call them?

Yes, you are right — we are talking about branded Instagram hashtags.

A branded Instagram hashtag is an original hashtag that is unique to your brand or business. From names of companies to products or slogans.

Instagram marketers use branded hashtags for product promotions, social media marketing campaigns, and selling products. These are so popular that 70% of Instagram hashtags are, in fact, branded hashtags.

Branded hashtags are a great way to build and promote your business, connect with brand advocates, encourage user engagement, and boost sales conversion.

If you are wondering how to do that, this article is just for you. Taking cues from some successful businesses, we have compiled and shared some ideas.

How to Nail Branded Instagram Hashtags and Take Your Marketing to Next Level

Identify Goals and Set Expectations

Once you decide to include branded hashtags to your Instagram marketing strategy, the next step is to ask yourself about your goals and expectations. Without a clear objective and priorities, your effort might fall flat.

Your business goals are unique to you, and what you want to achieve with these goals should guide your branded hashtag strategy.

It can be simply related to selling your products or increasing brand visibility and gaining followers. You can also say that you simply want to raise awareness for a social cause.

Most often, businesses use branded hashtags with the objective of encouraging brand mentions and influencing community sharing or user-generated content.

Remember, you might not be seeing a sudden growth in terms of followers or engagement.

Create Customized Branded Hashtags

Generating branded hashtags can be tricky, especially if you are new to the business.

A great way to start is by researching your competitors and other successful brands. Scroll through their Instagram pages and posts, and take notes when you spot branded hashtags they’ve used or promoted. Pay attention to style variations, word arrangement, and the context where these hashtags are used.

To make it easier for you, we have shared some brilliant examples in this article. Keep reading!

Pro tip: Use branded hashtags in combination with other relevant and popular hashtags. As a new brand, it can be challenging to gain visibility if you only stick to using branded hashtags.

Use a Hashtag Generator Tool

As we mentioned above, branded hashtags for a new business might not yield immediate results. That is why you need to generate more niche hashtags to boost your Instagram strategy and help achieve goals.

Here’s what to do: download our smart, intuitive, Instagram hashtag generator tool, Hashtag Expert.

Hashtag Expert generates suggestions and customized hashtags algorithmically. Download it from the app store and join the list of many happy customers.

Put Your Hashtags in Use

Now that you have the hashtags ready, it’s time to put them in action. Here are some of the common ways to use your branded Instagram hashtags:

Promoting Brand Name

Using the business or company name as a branded hashtag is one of the most common and popular social media marketers’ methods. Create a hashtag using your brand name and distribute it across Instagram content. You could also use it on the profile.

Here’s how Coca-Cola is doing it with #MyCocaCola:

Promoting Slogans and Taglines

Does your brand have a tagline or a slogan? Give your brand a voice by creating and promoting branded hashtags around slogans to identify yourself.

Here’s how Nike’s Just Do It is nailing it:

Announcing Promotional Offers, Discounts, Freebies

When Sephora hit the 200K fan-following mark, they wanted to make it unique by announcing a special offer. They encouraged their fans to participate by uploading photos of themselves with a hashtag #SephoramyFans and tag their friends who needed to repost their content with comments.

This campaign was an immediate hit with their fans and followers who posted their creative and fun-filled photos with the hashtag. Doing so also helped Sephora gain visibility by increasing the volume of user-generated content.

Similarly, you can create promotional hashtags and encourage your brand advocates, fans, and followers to share their unique stories or moments with you.

While there are hundreds of ways to use branded hashtags, it’s important to remember that building a brand and generating awareness requires patience. The best practice for a new brand should be using common and popular niche hashtags without depending on branded hashtags alone. You may not see an immediate result with branded hashtags, but you can achieve your goal over time and with the right tactics.