How to Generate a Group of Hashtags

April 16, 2021

Generating hashtags is the main feature of the Hashtag Expert tool. Here’s the idea, you give us a couple of root or base hashtags and from those, we’ll find up to 30 related-one. You’ll save a ton of time!

Here’s a step by step walkthrough of how to generate hashtags using the hashtag search app:

Step #1 Go to the Generate tab

Generate tab is your app home screen. This is where you perform hashtag searches, create hashtag groups for Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media channel. If you’re a new community member, you can explore the app features in our guide: How to Use Hashtag Expert.

Step #2 Enter Your Base Hashtag

Towards the top of the screen, you’ll see a text bar with a search icon. Tap that and start entering a base hashtag. A base hashtag is something that describes your post, i.e. #newyork or #photography or #smallbusinesses. 

There are two ways to go about it:

Stick to the base hashtag and do a search.

Or, select from the suggested hashtags in the list.

Let’s find out the difference between these two with some examples:

Supposedly, you want to generate Instagram hashtags for copy and paste. So tap the Instagram icon. Now type #art as the base hashtag. Feel free to experiment with any other #hashtag you want.

As you do that, the app will automatically search and show relevant Instagram hashtag suggestions. But let’s stick to the original base hashtag, in this case, #art. Tap to select.

Next, tap Generate Hashtags.

In no time, the app will create multiple hashtag groups that contain the base hashtag.

Read through each group and choose the one that is the most relevant to your specific post. You can also check the performance or edit hashtags.

When you’ve found the right group of hashtags, tap the yellow button that says Copy Hashtags. And a confirmation screen should pop up.

Next, tap the Instagram icon at the bottom to open the app.

If you want to save this hashtag group, tap Create Collection. Collections are a way to group your favorite hashtags and save them for later.

Now we’ll repeat the process of hashtag search to explain what happens if you choose from the list of suggested hashtags.

Go back to the Generate tab. Enter the base hashtag.

Here, we typed social and from the list, we selected #socialmedia because that is a close match to our post.

Now tap done and then, Generate Hashtags.

The hashtag search app will generate #hashtag groups algorithmically from which we can select and copy.

Hashtag Expert makes it easy for you to generate hashtags for social media more efficiently, effortlessly. And it’s not just us, our users say this too!


Your search for a hashtag generator tool ends here. Sign up for a free trial!