What’s Hot This Week: Several Trends to Show Your Followers Your Authentic Self

May 28, 2024
Hashtag Expert

This week’s hottest TikTok trends are all about letting your true colors shine through. From flaunting your dual personalities to showcasing your proudest achievement, check out these five creative content ideas perfect for connecting with your followers on a deeper level. 

🎶 Skinny – Billie Eilish

Kicking off this week with another TikTok favorite from Billie Eilish. This time, it’s her track Skinny that’s capturing everyone’s hearts. The trending audio encourages creators to dig up old photos or videos—from childhood or just a few years back—and send some love and appreciation to their younger selves. After all, “...the old me is still me, and maybe the real me and I think she's pretty.” It’s a relatable song for anyone who knows the power of self-love or is in the process of embracing it. We’re right here with you!

How to use the sound. For a quick post, go for the carousel format: put a recent pic as the first slide and an older photo as the second. Add some song lyrics, and you’re all set to post. You can also try the same idea with videos and play around with some fun transitions. Check out how norayogurt nailed it in the TikTok below.

🎶 “Who You Think You’re Emailing” Trend

Who knew your super formal headshot could come in handy for a hilarious TikTok video? This trend plays up the contrast between your polished professional self and your fun-loving Friday night persona. Hurry up and hop on it to give your followers a peek at both sides of your life. And if you're using TikTok as your marketing platform to promote your products or services, don't dismiss this as too silly. People love seeing the human side of businesses, so showing that you can handle their orders AND have fun when the workday ends is a great way to connect with your customers.

How to use the sound. Find your most corporate headshot and set it to classical music for the first few seconds of the audio. As the song shifts to a rap track, switch to a video that shows you in a completely different light. Maybe you’re tearing it up on the dance floor, being silly in a wild costume, or working from home in your pajamas, looking a bit unkempt. Then, add text overlays for each part: “who you think you’re emailing” vs. “who you’re actually emailing.” If emailing isn’t a big part of your job, just tweak the text to match your gig, like “who you think is brewing your morning coffee,” “who you think is doing your health checkup,” “who you think is answering your customer service call.”

⚡Pro Tip: Hashtags are not dead just yet! They’re a great way to boost your reach, so make sure to throw some into your captions. For example, #corporatebaddie is used a lot with this emailing trend. Check out the Hashtag Expert app if you’re looking for a way to generate the hottest TikTok hashtags in seconds.


🎶 “I Don’t Really Mind Being Alone” Sound

If you're an introvert who cherishes quiet moments alone, this audio is a perfect way to share more about this side of your personality with your followers. The sound had its moment a few years back, but it seems to be making a TikTok comeback, with over three thousand creators having used it in the last 24 hours.

How to use the sound. For this one, you’ll need a bunch of clips of your favorite solo activities. Think reading a book, taking a peaceful walk in the park, binge-watching Bridgerton, cooking something tasty, journaling, sweating it out in your home gym, rearranging your bookshelves, and so on. Keep it real and show what you genuinely love doing on your own. And here are a couple of text overlay ideas: "Introvert diaries [insert emojis of your activities]," "POV: comfort in solitude," or "Quiet stay-in days be like."

🎶 Ghost Town – Ye & PARTYNEXTDOOR

And here’s one more trend to let your personality shine, giving your TikTok followers plenty of chances to get to know the real you. Another blast from the past, this sound is making rounds again as content creators use it to share their toxic traits in a light-hearted way. It can be an engaging way to connect with your audience by revealing a little about your quirks and less-than-perfect sides. 

How to use the sound. Once again, you can go with a carousel of selfies or just a simple video from your front camera. The focus isn't on the visuals here, so let the text steal the show. Start your overlay with “Unfortunately, ...” then spill about your toxic trait. Take a peek at what other creators are doing to get the level of detail in your description just right. This will help make sure your message strikes a chord and truly resonates with your followers.

🎶 Feather on SNL – Sabrina Carpenter

If you're as obsessed with Espresso as we are, you were thrilled to see Sabrina Carpenter make her musical debut on Saturday Night Live. Sabrina does enjoy an occasional lyric change to suit the moment, and the singer didn’t disappoint this time. She swapped out "I'm so sorry for your loss" for a cheeky "I'm on SNL and you're not!" TikTok creators have jumped on this, turning the line into a trend where they celebrate their achievements and show their haters (and exes) that they're thriving no matter what.

How to use the sound. You can keep it simple with a front-camera video of you lip-syncing to the line or mix it up by stitching it with another video or photo that highlights your specific win. Start your overlay text with something like, “Shoutout to my haters/the kids who bullied me in school/my uni teacher.” Just be sure to give your text a final check before posting to make sure you’re being sassy and proud without tipping into mean or elitist territory. It’s a fine line, for sure!

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