What’s Hot This Week: New Music from Billie Eilish and Trending CapCut Templates

May 21, 2024
Hashtag Expert

We’re back with a new batch of fast-growing TikTok jams and meme templates. With these, you can create a few fun videos in no time! Grab your phone, get creative, and let’s make some TikTok magic together.

🎶 CHIHIRO – billsoutsold

Our fave artists are dropping new albums like it's hot. Billie Eilish’s Hit Me Hard and Soft came out on May 17, and you can bet it’ll get some TikTok attention. One of the songs to keep your ears open for is Chichiro. And if you’ve been wondering what this means, it’s a nod to Chichiro Ogino, the lead character in Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away. Chichiro's journey is all about facing fears. So, if you’ve been on the fence about starting your TikTok because it’s a tad intimidating, it’s the perfect audio backdrop to make your grand entrance.

How to use the sound. The audio's super versatile and can totally fit into loads of content ideas. Like, you could stitch together little clips giving peeks into your day-to-day. But you don’t have to overcomplicate things—a simple reaction video to the new album can be your way to go. Use a few clips of yourself—either a close-up selfie video or you walking or dancing around—and add overlay text saying how the new LP makes you feel.

To give your content a better shot at being noticed, complement this audio with hashtags #billieeilish and #billie—they're hot right now. Check out the Hashtag Expert app to stay in the loop on the best hashtags. It's like your secret sauce for staying on top of the trends.

🎶 Nasty – Tinashe 

This absolute banger will have you humming "I been a nasty girl" on repeat all summer long. It’s sitting pretty at number one among the top songs in the USA as we’re writing this, and it's also one of the hottest songs in Canada and New Zealand. There are sooo many ways you can use it—turn it into a meme, join a little dance challenge, or use it to celebrate your friends who perfectly match your freak. Overall, a great sound to spread those good summer vibes. 

How to use the sound. One simple idea is to use a meme CapCut template featuring a couple grooving to the song. Pick a background photo (or create a collage with a couple of images as in the example below) and add a witty overlay text starting with "Me when..." If you're up for a bit more action, try doing the moves from the meme yourself. Pair it with a funny text, and you're good to go—check out other creators for some inspo if you need it. Or you can take a different approach altogether. Find the part of the song that goes like, "Is somebody gonna match my freak?" and film yourself goofing around with a friend. It’s a nice way to give a much-deserved shoutout to your partner in crime. 


🎶 Roblox Horror Music – Archive Alive

Looks like Halloween came early this year and treated us to a spooky trending sound. The audio crept its way into the top three most popular songs in the USA, making an impressive jump of 11 places in just the last seven days. It’s especially popular with younger creators, with videos centered around the theme of education. So, if you’re going through final exams, consider this your cue to share your experience. 

How to use the sound. The eerie vibe of the sound pairs up nicely with unpleasant realizations, which suggest a pretty simple TikTok idea. Just shoot a selfie video, making sure your facial expression nails the mood—think, a wide-eye stare, furrowed brows, an intense glare, or maybe even a half-smirk. Then, add some overlay text your followers can definitely relate to. 

🎶 Original sound – Anna Grace Newell

We already love this fun audio from Instagram, and now it seems to be heating up on TikTok, too. It's already featured in 19K videos, with over 4000 TikToks using this sound in the last 24 hours alone. The audio works well for all kinds of transformation videos, and we’re especially digging how it can be used to promote a healthy lifestyle.

How to use the sound. Start by doing rock-paper-scissors and lip-syncing to the text, then transition to a different clip, depending on your idea. It can be an appearance transformation video: the first clip of you just rolling out of bed, and the second clip is where you're all glammed up with makeup on fleek. Alternatively, start with a choice in the first part, like "workout to lose weight or workout to live fit," or "be a tourist or a traveler." Then, transition into a series of short clips showing how you're living up to the option you've chosen for yourself.

🎶 King Charles Portrait Reveal – I Green Screen Things

This week, we get to enjoy not one but TWO trending CapCut templates. This time, it’s a green-screen clip of King Charles III revealing a portrait. These kinds of memes are super quick and easy to whip up, and they've got serious potential to become big hits. After all, who doesn't love a good laugh?

How to use the sound. All you need is a pic or video of your cute pet, your little troublemaker of a kid, your latest DIY creation, a breathtaking sunset you managed to capture, or even Jamie Oliver's lasagna attempt gone awry—basically, anything you want to showcase or poke good-humored fun at. Then, hop over to CapCut, pop it into the meme template, and you're ready to set the internet on fire!

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