Link in Bio: A Valuable Marketing Tool

June 18, 2023

When creating content for social media, it's easy to get so focused on what you want to say that you forget about making content work for your business. You want to make sure, for instance, that each piece of content you create drives traffic to your website or your online store. One important step you can take is optimizing the profile section of your posts with what's known as “link in bio."

What Is Link in Bio?

“Link in bio” is a term marketers use when referring to a clickable URL in their social media profile section. This is particularly common on Instagram, where you'll often see users asking their followers to check “link in bio.” Unlike most other social media, Instagram doesn't allow users to put links to other websites (including their own) on their posts. In lieu of that, you can put a link in the short description at the top of your profile (your bio). Hence, the phrase "link in bio."

Along with Instagram, you can use this link across all your social media channels.

Some link in bio tools also work as a URL shortener to make them easy to share and remember.

Why Use Link in Bio?

Imagine you want your customers to check your website, product page, content, or other lead magnets. One way to do this is by adding all the links to your “About” or “Profile” section, but that will make it look cluttered. And on Instagram, it’s virtually impossible because there's only one place where you can add a link to your preferred site.

That’s where the link in bio comes in.

Once you sign up for a link in bio tool (more on this later), you can create a dedicated landing page with its own URL. Further, you can customize the landing page and add all the important links to pages where you want to drive traffic.

Now add the main URL to your social media profiles and ask your followers to "check link in bio.”

The link in bio helps in almost all stages of the marketing funnel, from initial awareness through purchase. When used correctly, this feature can increase customer engagement, sales, and retention.

Some benefits of using link in bio on social media:

  1. Users will be able to find you more easily.
  2. You'll be able to direct followers to more, or different, content (using link in bio in your captions).
  3. Each platform suits a specific type of content, so if you have longer forms like blogs, it's useful to have a link.
  4. You can measure traffic to or conversions on your site and evaluate how impactful various social media platforms are for your business.

What You Can Add in Your Link in Bio

From products to podcasts, ebooks to affiliate links, you can use the link in bio feature to add any page you want to drive traffic to.

This enables you to:

  • Promote new products.
  • Share coupon codes or promotional offers.
  • Share affiliate links.
  • Drive traffic to your online store or website.
  • Promote ebooks and/or courses.
  • Get more views on other social media profiles.
  • Send visitors to your lead magnets or landing pages.
  • Share your portfolio.

Tools to Use for Customizing Link in Bio

There are plenty of tools available to create and customize your social media bio link. Some of these include:


Linktree is one of the most popular tools in this space. The website offers a free version (with certain restrictions), which works great for influencers, affiliate marketers, and small businesses. For just $6 a month, you can get the Pro version, which offers more features.

Lnk.Bio is a great tool to create and customize landing pages and bio links, and it offers more pricing options than Linktree. You can sign up for a free account, but you won't be able to customize the URLs. To unlock this feature you can choose the mini – monthly plan for $0.99 a month, as well as other plans that are more costly but offer more options.


Want everything free? Head over to Bio.Link. It is 100% free for all users; and apart from the links, you can enjoy free access to analytics, themes, embeds, and much more.

Adding a link to your bio is a great way to get high-quality leads and achieve marketing goals.

So, go ahead and get started! Choose from the tools we mentioned, create a customized URL for your profile, write a good description, add the relevant hashtags, and start driving more growth, traffic, and conversions on social media.

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