What’s Hot This Week: From Emotional to Quirky, Find Your Sound

June 25, 2024
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This week serves up a mix perfect for any content creator—from Pride celebrations to capturing life's laughs and heartfelt moments. Plus, using the right hashtags, which you can easily generate with Hashtag Expert, will help boost your visibility even more.

🎶 Pink Pony Club – Chappell Roan

It’s definitely not too late to join in on the Pride Month celebrations to honor and show support for the LGBTQ+ community. And this audio makes a perfect backdrop for this. No wonder it saw another peak in popularity since its release in 2020, with 10K clips featuring it so far. Get bold and creative with your content ideas, focusing on themes of empowerment, joy, and celebrating LGBTQ+ identities.

How to use the sound. Use the drop in the beat at the lyrics 'Oh God, what have you done?! You’re a pink pony girl, and you dance at the club!' for your before-and-after Pride OOTDs or makeup transformations that scream self-expression. Put together a montage of memorable Pride parade moments. Or share your own story of acceptance and pride, with the song as an emotional backdrop to enhance the powerful narrative.

🎶 “Spectacular. Give Me 14 Of Them Right Now” Sound

Just last week, @60somethinglife shared a TikTok video of her husband flipping over a new sweet potato and egg pancake recipe. His hilarious reaction of adoration—"Spectacular. Give me 14 of them right now."—quickly went viral, and now everyone's jumping on the bandwagon. Creators use the sound to showcase their own discoveries, like weird ice cream flavors, the tenniscore fashion trend, or Bridgerton Season 3 on repeat. With more than two thousand clips created in the past 24 hours, this sound is perfect for anyone looking to make a fun, relatable video.

How to use the sound. Lip-sync to the audio clip and overlay text explaining your current obsession. You can play the whole track if it fits your theme or cut it off after the words "right now." If you've already gone overboard—like owning 14 of something—you can make the visuals a bit more dynamic by stitching together several clips. For instance, imagine if you've fallen hard for the "A Court of Thorns and Roses" series thanks to BookTok. Start with a clip of you and the first book, then cut to you surrounded by all five books in your collection.

🎶 Inside Out 2 Sound (2024)

Another super relatable sound in today’s roundup comes from Pixar's Inside Out 2 animated movie. It’s Joy totally losing it over the struggles of always having to stay positive: "Delusional? Of course, I'm delusional!” It’s still pretty small, with 4.7K at the moment,  but it has a whopping growth rate of 148%. Chances are it’ll be growing even more while the movie is still in theaters, so hurry up and give it your own twist, especially since it’ll take you mere minutes to film this trend.

How to use the sound. The easier way would be to use a clip of yourself lip-syncing to the sound with the overlay text explaining the situation where you’re totally out of touch. Think odd tips you’ve picked up online or the rollercoaster ride of trying to grow your social media following as a budding influencer. This sound is also a great match for expectation vs. reality content, like showing off DIY projects that don’t quite turn out or cooking fails that looked easier in the tutorial.

🎶 You Look Like You Love Me – Ella Langley & Riley Green

If you’re into content that gives you a teary eye rather than a laugh, you’ll love this week’s trending track by Ella Langley. It’s a country song with a nice retro vibe and enough versatility, making it a perfect fit for tons of content ideas. Right now, it’s the #1 trending sound in the USA on TikTok’s Creative Center, and it’s just as popular in Canada, Australia, and the UK. If you’re looking to bring a bit of romantic charm to your feed, definitely check this one out.

How to use the sound. This song could beautifully complement any montage of special moments. For newlyweds, this could be a walk down the aisle or snippets from the wedding day. New parents might want to share any moments with their baby—because every second is precious and adorable, right? And if you're a pet owner, this could be a throwback to the day you first met your fur baby. But there’s no rule on the internet saying you can't use this song for your usual content, like sharing outfit ideas, as in the example below.

🎶 Hmm – Kt Foreign (feat. Keggie)

It's one of those catchy songs that gets stuck in your head instantly. It's a fun blend of pop and electronic beats, and its simplicity makes it perfect for all kinds of video content. No surprise it jumped 57 spots to be one of the top 10 trending songs this week in TikTok’s Creative Center, especially popular in the USA and UK. If you're looking for a chill background track to complement your idea, this might be just the one.

How to use the sound. No particular trend or visual cue is associated with this audio, so it's really up to you. Use a front-camera clip of you and add a message for your followers. Share snippets of your day or showcase a creative project like painting, crafting, or decorating. We also love how this audio pairs with fitness routine videos. It’s versatile enough to fit almost any type of content, so let your creativity shine.

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