What’s Hot This Week: Catchy Trending TikTok Sounds to Try Now

June 4, 2024
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Enjoy our latest roundup of trending songs and some quick tips to help you rack up more views. Keep reading to find out how you can boost your TikTok game this week.

🎶 I’ve Been A Nasty Girl (Space Song)

If you've been jamming to Nasty Girl by Tinashe and aren't quite ready to find a new anthem, you're in good company. Plus, this week's TikTok trends are right up your alley! The song got a fresh remix with Space Song, another TikTok hit, making it easier for non-dancers to enjoy it, too. It's got a funny, sarcastic twist—creators are sharing videos looking dramatically sad or acting weird while the overlay text explains their quirky traits to the lyrics, "Is somebody gonna match my freak?" This remix has been blowing up, jumping from 28K to 43K videos in a day! It’s super easy to film and edit, so you just have to join in on this trend ASAP.

How to use the sound. Start by filming a short clip of yourself—look right into the camera, throw in some fun dance moves, or go for an over-the-top sad face. Then, add the overlay text in this format: “Is somebody gonna match my freak? (insert your freak).” To make your video really pop, have fun with it and let your freak flag fly.

⚡Pro Tip: If you're using CapCut and want to add a little extra something to your video, try a shaky effect. Here’s how:

  • Import your clip into the video editor, then navigate to 'Effects' on the top left panel.
  • Open the 'Video Effects' tab and select 'Nightclub.' You’ll find two shaky effects there—'Camera Shake' and 'Shake.'
  • Choose the one you like best, drag it onto your clip, and enjoy the final result.

🎶 The Spark – Kabin Crew & Lisdoonvarna Crew 

Add this drum’n’bass-beat masterpiece to your summer playlist because these Irish kids are absolutely smashing it! Originally a project for Ireland's national day celebrating youth creativity, this track by young rappers has gone viral on YouTube thanks to its infectious energy. The sound is on the rise on TikTok, too, with over 3000 videos featuring it in the last 24 hours. Creators are using it for everything from dance routines to comedic videos or simply as catchy background music for everyday content. 

How to use the sound. There are a couple of easy ways to get in on the fun with this audio. First up, just let loose! Film yourself having a blast for 10 seconds—no specific moves needed. Pop some text over the video about finding your spark or getting yourself hyped up for something big. Alternatively, you could stick to your usual content and use the beat drop for a slick transition. For inspo, check out @tikatheiggy’s video below that nails this approach. And if dance TikTok videos are your thing, try a viral dance to this track.

🎶 Birds of a Feather – Billie Eilish

It will be the third week of TikToks set to Billie Eilish's tracks. This time, creators are drawn to her song Birds of a Feather, especially resonating with the lyric, "Birds of a feather, we should stick together, I know." This is a slight variation on the well-known saying "birds of a feather flock together" about people with similar characters or interests who tend to spend a lot of time together. This audio is perfect for cute, heartfelt videos with your closest friends or loved ones—your true soulmates. 

How to use the sound. Stitch together a few clips showcasing shared hobbies, memorable outings, or simply everyday moments of your friendship or romantic relationship. And use this song as a musical backdrop to celebrate togetherness. While pairing up with your bestie or romantic partner is a natural fit, don't limit yourself there. If you have pets, show their adorable antics together. Or think outside the box altogether and make a video about things, foods, colors, whatever that goes well together. For instance, Pantone’s peach fuzz pairs beautifully with navy blue and makes a great OOTD video. There’s a whole world of combos waiting to be explored!

⚡Pro Tip: To boost your chances of showing up on more For You Pages, enhance your TikToks with the right hashtags. For this song, try using #birdsofafeather, #bestfriend, and #billieeilish. And don't forget to download the Hashtag Expert app to quickly find the trendiest hashtags and get your content noticed.

🎶 Maxed Out – Bayker Blankenship

An atmospheric tune perfect for capturing those melancholic summer vibes. It’s quickly become one of the top 10 trending audios on TikTok’s Creative Center and is especially big in the United States, Sweden, and Canada. The song is often used as part of the "How small is your hometown?" trend, but honestly, it’s just a solid, versatile track that works perfectly for all sorts of video edits. For instance, a graduation video that looks back over the years spent with your classmates is sure to be a tear-jerker.

How to use the sound. To hop on the "How small is your hometown?" trend, you'll need two clips. Start with a video from your hometown if you have one—something filmed on the streets or by a local landmark would be ideal. If not, any close-up of yourself will work for the first part. For the second part, film a screencast of you typing your hometown’s name as a hashtag before you post the video. Highlight how many times that hashtag has been used. If it’s a super low number, you can also add some overlay text like “Can you beat this?” This idea is also great for photo carousels.

🎶 Planet of the Apes 

Any movie buffs around? Check out this trending CapCut meme template that's making waves, especially in Europe. It's a simple one featuring an ape saying, "Oh no," but it's perfect for a ton of content ideas. As you know, the best thing about using templates is that they make it super quick to create a video that could go viral. Just look at this TikTok from @the.disney.sorcer: usually, their views hover under 1000, but this video gained 70K views and 1600 likes. 

How to use the sound. Yes, it's a trending template. No, it won't work magic if your text overlay isn't funny or relatable enough. Spend some time thinking about what will click with your followers. The rest is easy: pick the right background photo, from your collection or a stock image, and layer the green screen ape over it. Make sure everything meshes well to get the best results.

⚡Pro Tip: Try Unsplash or Pexels for high-quality, free stock photos.

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