What’s Hot This Week: 5 Sounds That Could Make Your Next TikTok a Hit

June 18, 2024
Hashtag Expert

Look inside this quick guide to the hottest TikTok tracks creators are loving right now. We've got easy tips to help you make standout videos, whether you're into catchy beats or soul-stirring melodies. 

🎶 No One Else – Chris Brown

This week, a 2023 Chris Brown song has become part of the “Trying to Distract” trend, and it’ll have TikTok creators dancing, but just a little. So don’t write it off too quickly! You only need to remember a few simple moves, like a windscreen wiper and something that looks like rolling a bowling ball. No worries if you’re not much of a dancer and can’t pull off these moves like Chris Brown. The trend isn’t really about the dance but about distracting your partner, mom, or maybe clients from something you don’t want them to know by dancing. So even if your moves are a bit off, it’ll just add to the fun and show how hilariously bad your distraction tactic is.

How to use the sound. Start by setting up your camera so your whole body is in the frame. Walk away from the camera, and when the music drops, start dancing. Once you’re happy with the result, overlay text in this format: “Me distracting [someone] from the fact that [your text].”

🎶 Brother Eww Mark Kross Edit

This viral mashup has been all over the place on TikTok, Instagram, and even Twitter for a while now, with over 200K clips and counting! If you haven't joined in yet, now's the time! The audio is way too catchy for you to walk by! It kicks off with the "Ew brother, what's that?" meme sound and then transitions into the classic '80s jam Heaven Is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle. Super fun and easy to add your own context to it. And here's another mashup we love if you're looking for something a bit more under the radar.

How to use the sound. This sound is perfect for before-and-after or comparison videos. Some ideas could be "my style from 10 years ago vs. my style now," "how my running started vs. how it's going," or "how my pup reacts to me vs. my partner." Start with something that makes you icky—skinny jeans, a cluttered apartment, your first struggling run—and then switch to a cooler, updated version or show how much your attitude has changed. Feel free to lip-sync or let the overlay text do the talking.

⚡Pro Tip: Quite a few people have been spotted using the #abba hashtag on this sound, which is a quick way to get a bunch of "wrong artist!" comments. Sure, all engagement is engagement, but wouldn't you rather be trending for nailing it than flubbing it? Hashtag Expert can help generate relevant, popular hashtags in a few clicks. 


🎶 U My Everything – Sexyy Red ft. Drake

A fresh release from Sexxy Red featuring Drake is catching creators' attention. For the past seven days, it's been in the top three trending TikTok songs without any drops in interest. TikTokers in the United States and Canada seem to be loving the track the most. So, if you're looking for popular audio that's not tied to any specific trend and can be used as a backdrop for various ideas, this could be a great fit for your content!

How to use the sound. There's no specific visual cue, so it's entirely up to you how your video will end up looking. If you ask us, similar hip-hop and rap tracks would pair nicely with workout videos or car makeovers. But don't feel limited—experiment with different edits and see what works best for your unique style. Take a look at the example below from @tayy.rosaa with her GRWM video as a badass policewoman—it totally passes the vibe check. And just so you know, it got her a whopping 2.6 million views!

🎶 Nights Like This – The Kid LAROI

Another throwback to 2023 is steadily gaining popularity on TikTok once again, with three thousand clips featuring it in the last 24 hours. This track is super emotional, with haunting, atmospheric beats and raw vocals that make it really relatable. It’s perfect for setting the mood in flashback videos from vacations or capturing those joyful moments of this summer you want to remember.

How to use the sound. It’s a super versatile track that works well for any kind of storytelling video stitched together from various clips, like day-in-the-life, transformation journeys, or throwback videos. The song’s emotional tone makes it perfect for sharing personal moments or reflections. Another approach is to focus on the message rather than the visuals: use a single clip of yourself and add some meaningful overlay text, like some words of encouragement for your followers or personal revelations. 

🎶 White Privilege – Some Queens Memes

Last but not least, here's a hilarious sound for anyone enjoying a jam-packed summer or just appreciating a good dose of self-irony. It goes: "It's like I'm just partying every single weekend, and I'm gonna have to party tomorrow, and then I'm gonna have to party in 2 weeks from now." With just over 3000 clips so far, there's less competition, which means a bigger spotlight on your content. If you can hit the joke just right and make it super relatable, you might find yourself the life of the online party—because you clearly needed another party in your schedule!

How to use the sound. This joke lands especially well on TikTok when you show how even a regular social life can totally overwhelm an introvert. Like, imagine agreeing to after-work drinks two weeks straight or watching a movie with your bestie on Friday and then having to go to a family dinner on Saturday. Way too much people time, right? Just film yourself looking hilariously over it, lip-syncing to the sound, maybe even collapsing onto your bed or something. It's a guaranteed laugh-getter.

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