Meet the Affiliate Marketers Who Have Earned Millions : Insights and Lessons from Their Journeys

June 13, 2023
Mou Mukherjee

Wondering if affiliate marketing is a good business to start? 

If you can make enough money from it?

To tell you the truth, when things are done right, affiliate marketing can help you make money while you sleep and earn millions.

Sounds too good to be true? Not quite.

Let us introduce you to seven successful affiliate marketers who've earned millions of dollars and serve as inspiration.

7 Affiliate Marketers Earning Millions of Dollars

Before we start, let’s get this loud and clear that affiliate marketing doesn’t make you a millionaire overnight. Those who are successful today have put considerable amount of time and effort with consistency to reach where they are.

Let’s dive in.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn. Source

Pat Flynn is a multi-talented individual who is an author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and blogger. He is the creator of Smart Passive Income, a website designed to help bloggers of all levels grow their audiences and monetize their work using smart techniques.

Flynn became an affiliate marketer in 2008 after he was laid off from his architect job. He decided to focus on his website that he created during his time in the company to put together study notes for the LEED exam and was already getting thousands of visitors a day. He turned his blog into an ebook style PDF guide and started selling it. Little did he know that this test project would soon start making money.

In the first month itself, Flynn earned $7,008.55 which he calls a life-changing experience. By 2014, his income crossed $3 millions.

Today, Flynn is well-known in the affiliate marketing industry, and is known for his transparency. Although he has other sources of income, a significant portion comes from affiliate marketing.

Flynn believes that as an affiliate marketer, it's important to focus on serving your audience, filtering out the noise, and providing value.

Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity. Source

Matt Diggity is a search engine optimization specialist, affiliate marketer and YouTuber. Diggity founded and owns several companies that operate in affiliate marketing and SEO sectors.

After graduating from UC San Diego with a Master's degree in electrical engineering, he landed a job at a Silicon Valley startup where he sold software. But working 60 hours a week became challenging and unsustainable. He was burnt out and on the verge of nervous breakdown.

As he was trying to look for making money on his own, he discovered the potential of SEO and worked on his site every night he returned home. He quit the corporate sector a few years later and zoom started his passive income business.

Today he owns and operates several profit-making businesses including Diggity Marketing, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, and LeadSpring. He also teaches people how to monetize their website and SEO tactics, and organizes the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

It’s estimated that his firms bring in a combined revenue of $400K/Month, and his current worth is around $3 millions.

Primary sources of his wealth are affiliate marketing, SEO-focused work and services, and YouTube.

Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson with Mark Cuban. Source

With over two decades of experience in making money online, Zac Johnson has honed his skills and is now sharing his knowledge with thousands of students worldwide. He owns several blogs and websites, including and, where he teaches others how to monetize their online presence through affiliate marketing, blogging, lead generation, and expert sales.

Zac's journey began in 1995 when he was a high school student and created banner ads for AOL web diner users. Although he only made $1 per ad, he was determined to find more lucrative ways to make money online. 

He eventually joined the Amazon affiliate program and created an online celebrity directory that included affiliate links to movies and music. The website received a lot of search engine traffic, and thanks to Amazon's 5% to 15% commission, Zac made six figures in sales while still in high school.

Zac continued exploring different ways to make money through affiliate sales and finally launched his site,, in 2007 as a resource for others to learn from his experiences.

It’s estimated that Zac earns $1 million every year from affiliate marketing!

Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier

Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier. Source

Matt Wolfe is a highly skilled digital creator and blogger who has extensive experience in affiliate marketing, list building, and conversion tracking. 

He co-founded several websites, including Elite Marketing Foundation, The WordPress Classroom, Learn to Blog, and Beyond The Hype before partnering with his friend and business partner, Joe Fier.

Fier is also a successful digital creative, known for his work as an entrepreneur, marketer, podcaster, web 3 investor, and author.

Together, they launched Evergreen Profits, which covers a wide range of topics related to online business, including marketing, podcasting, web traffic, and self-improvement. Later they founded Hard Fork Gaming. 

Wolfe and Fier are both successful affiliate marketers who specialize in software and related products, with seven-figure earnings.

Gael Breton

Gael Breton. Source

Gael Breton and Mark Webster founded Authority Hacker (AH) in 2014. Breton is responsible for developing and organizing content for the website and its courses, as well as conducting market research and strategic planning for the company. 

Webster, on the other hand, specializes in systems and is responsible for expanding small-scale tests and experiments into full-scale business strategies. He also provides white hat link-building techniques for AH authority sites and manages both the business and marketing aspects of the company.

Authority Hacker has gained a significant following and has a strong online community as one of the most well-known SEO websites.

 Its blog offers a wealth of case studies on subjects such as keyword tools, affiliate marketing, and Amazon Affiliate programs. Breton and Webster also host a podcast on AH where they discuss these topics, in addition to creating online tutorials and vlogs on their YouTube channel, which has amassed over 700,000 views and features honest and candid content about building profitable websites.

According to various reports, Gael has already made more than a million dollars and is achieving great heights thanks to affiliate marketing.

While Perrin Carrell, contributing editor at AuthorityHacker, is making $7,504 every month!

Nate O'Brien

Nate O’Brien. Source

Nate O'Brien is dedicated to providing free education and information on personal finance, minimalism, productivity, lifestyle, and wealth creation. In 2020, he was named as one of the top nine Millennial Personal Finance YouTube channels by Forbes.

Here's a brilliant video by none other than Nate discussing how to start affiliate business. Watch it right here!

O'Brien has built a successful YouTube channel with over 1.25 million subscribers, offering valuable content for those looking to improve their financial situation and quality of life. In addition to that, he’s also active on Instagram and Twitter, where he shares free information on building wealth and living a fulfilling life.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nate O'Brien graduated from Penn State University in 2019. Prior to graduation, he had already started his journey in entrepreneurship, launching his YouTube channel in 2017. 

Despite facing low views and engagement in the beginning, he did not let it discourage him and continued to work towards building a successful channel. 

His perseverance paid off, and his YouTube channel now has over 1.25 million subscribers.

O'Brien has an estimated net worth of $2,700,000 with income streams including YouTube ads, affiliate marketing, course sales, and occasional sponsorships.

Becoming an affiliate marketer can be a lucrative career path with the potential for high earnings.

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is you don't need to have tons of following on social media or millions of blog visitors in the beginning.

You can start monetizing your existing existing digital real-estate including blogs, social media, and gradually work your way up.

For example, TikTok affiliate marketing is a growing trend, and it's a great way to make money if you have a creative and engaging personality.

Similarly, affiliate marketers can also monetize their Instagram by promoting products or services to their followers.

But you need to understand that the journey to build a million-dollar affiliate business is not always easy. 

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

As with any career, success in affiliate marketing also requires a strong work ethic, solid understanding of the industry, strong marketing strategy, and the ability to continuously improve and stay up-to-date with industry trends. 

The individuals on today’s blog are prime examples of the success that can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a willingness to continuously learn and adapt.

They serve as inspiration and proof that with passion and commitment, it is possible to achieve financial success in this field.

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