Benefits of Repurposing Content for Social Media

August 3, 2021

Creating quality content takes time. For small business owners, constantly creating highly engaging content for multiple social media platforms can be challenging and time-consuming.

We’re often so busy creating content, content, and more content that we tend to ignore reusing the valuable content we have already produced.

Content repurposing for social media requires minimal effort and yields a number of benefits. Read on, and we'll tell you about them.

Why Repurpose Content for Social Media?

From ideation to creation, a lot goes into developing content for social media.

Writing captions, recording and editing Instagram videos, finding the right audio, creating images – the process is complicated and involves all that and more.

So ... what happens to your content after a week? It gets lost on social media.

Repurposing your content gives you a second chance to revive your old content and represent them to your audience.

It’s a smart and time-efficient move.

Here are some more benefits for small business owners who repurpose content for social media:

1. Resolve Content Creation Issues

According to a March 2021 report generated by Visual Objects, 11 percent of small business owners view creating content for social media as one of their biggest challenges.

We get that. Coming up with new ideas and content isn’t always easy, and sometimes you don’t have time. If that describes you, how about reusing content?

You can restructure and recreate old captions, descriptions, or tips; feel free to clip videos to make them more attractive. By reusing content, you eliminate the need to always create content from scratch, and you'll always have something to work on.

2. Achieve Multiple Goals

Content repurposing lets you achieve multiple marketing goals at once. Some of them are:

3. Reuse Underutilized Resources

It's possible that an eBook on your website didn’t capture many leads. So why not fully utilize its potential by exploring multiple channels on social media?

Use tools like Linktree, Sked Link to create one single point of access to promote multiple lead magnets and share them on Instagram link in bio. There you can promote eBooks, articles, videos, your online store, your website – basically, anywhere you want to drive traffic.

Feel free to share those links across social media, but definitely create the right kind of content for each platform. You may be tempted to shorten Facebook posts to fit on Twitter, but that really won't help. Instead, invest some time in researching the kinds of content your audience likes to engage with on each platform, and then create content accordingly.

When done right, repurposing lets you generate more avenues for promoting underutilized content and bring you more clicks, impressions, engagement, and sales through social media.

4. Rejuvenate Less Successful Content

We know it hurts ... but the truth is, no matter how great your content may be, sometimes it fails to perform on social media.

When your posts, videos, and images aren't generating the desired amount of impressions, repurposing is a way to promote that great piece of work and give it another chance.

We recommend adding a fresh twist to your old story and representing it in a way that makes it look/sound as good as new.

Brainstorm ideas about how else you can reintroduce an old idea to your customers by rewriting the lines or using another set of images to create a spark. This will also help you avoid repetition.

5. Generate More Value from Single Piece of Content

Do you often go live for webinars, podcasts, or teaching/coaching? You might even be collaborating with another influencer from your industry in live broadcasts.

If you save your videos, you can promote them later by repurposing and recycling them.

Clip your videos as necessary, edit them, add in-line text (if applicable), and share them on YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn – wherever your target audiences happen to be.

You can do the same with blogs. Turn them into infographics, take valuable excerpts and share as mini-blogs, or create videos out of them and share them on social media.

Wondering how you can incorporate video in your content to start with? This article is a good place to start.

Apply these tips to generate more value out of a single source of content.

A Word of Caution!

When you share recycled content on social media, make sure to include the right number of hashtags at the right places. Hashtags are one of the best ways to increase organic post videos on social media.

Here's an easy solution:

Make sure to use hashtags that are fresh, trending, and best matches for your profile. But if that seems like a lot of work, give Hashtag Expert a try.

Our users have achieved great results from using our app.

Now that you know how you can benefit from recycling and reusing content on social media, choose a starting point and get started!

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